Brussels, September, 26-28, 2010

Date last modified : 13/09/2010


1. The ASEP VI meeting is being prepared on the basis of the ASEP Rules of Procedure.


A Preparatory Meeting will be held at the Federal Parliament of Belgium in the afternoon of Sunday, September 26 at 16:00. National delegations are invited to attend with their heads of delegation (or their representative) plus one other official delegate. The meeting will discuss organizational and practical issues such as the agenda, selection of meetings officers, organization of proceedings and administrative arrangements. The meeting will be chaired by the host country.

3. The Drafting Committee will meet on Sunday, September 26 at 17:00 and, if needed, on Monday, September 27 at 13:15. The Drafting Committee will finalize the work on the draft ASEP Declaration. Interested delegations are invited to participate in this meeting with one official delegate per country. The meeting will be chaired by the host country.

The ASEP VI Declaration will incorporate the main themes and decisions of the meeting as well as recommendations to the upcoming ASEM Summit. Delegations are invited to submit contributions and comments to the first draft declaration by the date of Wednesday, September 22, to the ASEP VI secretariat.

Decisions at the ASEP Meeting are made by consensus among official delegations.


Both the President of the Senate and of the House of Representatives are Presidents of the ASEP Meeting.
The head of delegation of each participating country is designated as Vice President of the Meeting.
After the conclusion of the ASEM Summit the President of the parliament hosting the subsequent ASEP Meeting takes up the office of President of the ASEP Meeting.

5. There will be two parallel Panel Discussions during the meeting :
    - a discussion on effective financial and economic world governance structures
    - a discussion on sustainable development
Panel discussions will be co-chaired by one representative from Asia and one from Europe. There will also be a presentation by keynote speaker(s) in each Panel discussion. The Panel discussions will also have one rapporteur each, one from Asia and one from Europe. The rapporteurs will give short summaries of the Panel discussions at the second plenary session.


The working language of the Meeting is English. Interpretation will be provided in French and Dutch. In compliance with the Rules of Procedure participating delegations are asked to provide their own interpreters in case they wish to have the proceedings interpreted into another language. The host country provides simultaneous interpretation facilities to the extent technically possible.

7. Delegates may address the meeting only at the call of the chair. Delegates wanting to take the floor during the debates are asked to register by using a special form available in the meeting rooms and in the secretariat. The chair of the meeting establishes a list of speakers taking into consideration the order in which delegates have asked for the floor as well as regional balance and balance between different delegations.


To ensure broad participation in debates and efficiency in the sessions all interventions will be limited to five minutes. If necessary this time limit will be additionally shortened during the meeting.

9. Delegates who have prepared texts in advance are kindly asked to hand them to the secretariat for copying and for distribution to the interpreters. Speeches and other documents related to the meeting will be available outside the meeting room.


Ambassadors of all ASEP countries and representatives of institutions related to the ASEM process as well as the European Commission will be invited to attend the meeting as guests of the host parliament. Non member parliaments may be invited as observers provided that no objection is raised by the ASEP member parliaments within one month of the notification.

11. The host country will prepare a summary report of the conference. The draft report will be circulated to each delegation for comments before it is published.